If you’re an existing client of ours, check in with Ballistic Arts to make sure your website won’t break with the new WordPress editor and other updates with WordPress 5.0.


WordPress has made some exciting updates that will change the way you edit content on your website in 2019.  WordPress 5.0 includes Gutenberg: a new intuitive content editor that makes WordPress more versatile and user-friendly for back-end users like you.  

Check out this cool interactive demo from WordPress to try Gutenberg out and learn more.


What does the WordPress update mean for your website? Well, the pages on older websites could break or have other issues as WordPress transitions to Gutenberg.

Gutenberg can be turned off through a complex process that can break websites if executed incorrectly – we don’t recommend anyone without extensive coding experience attempt to bypass this update.  Additionally, Gutenberg will be crucial to any future updates to your site, so we highly suggest you adapt to this new editor interface.


In addition to the WordPress 5.0 update, many hosting services are upgrading the minimum requirements for the version of PHP that can be used on their sites in 2019.  PHP is a programming language used in the script on most WordPress websites, and its newer versions provide better security and stability for your website.  Because some hosting services will no longer support older, less secure versions of PHP, some older plugins on your website may be phasing out or losing support.


When you log into your WordPress site as an admin, you may receive alerts letting you know that one or more of the plugins on your site will lose support or need to be upgraded.  This is an indication that this update will affect your website and action needs to be taken.


Don’t panic – we’ve got your back!  We highly recommend reaching out to Ballistic Arts or your hosting service to review how your website has been affected by these big changes.


Give us a call  at (604) 553-1081 or shoot us an email at engage@ballisticarts.com and we’ll be happy to assess your website and make any necessary changes!