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Ballistic Arts creates stunning visual communications and marketing campaigns through digital marketing, video storytelling, creative layout design, and interactive digital engagement.

Video Production

  • Video Storytelling

  • Motion Graphics

  • Hybrid Videos

Web Design

  • Custom Wordpress Websites

  • Interactive Digital Displays

  • Mobile Responsive Websites

Digital Marketing & Branding

  • Brand & Identity

  • Marketing Campaigns

  • Brand Collateral

  • Brand Redesign


  • Website SEO Audits

  • Keyword Research

  • SEO Reports


  • Creative Layout Design

  • Print Advertising

  • Digital Signage

  • Online Advertising


  • Interactive Infographics

  • Print infographics

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BLOG- Xennials: The Hidden Generation You’re Not Marketing To

December 19, 2018

  The majority of consumers fall into two generational categories: Generation X (the MTV generation) and Generation Y (A.K.A. ‘millennials’, A.K.A. the generation we all love to complain about).  Millennials are still considered teenagers and twenty-somethings despite their oldest natives being nearly forty, while baby boomers are imagined as in their 50s and nearing retirement. […]

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@Ballistic Arts - 7 days ago
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Our team has had a blast working on so many unique and exciting creative projects this year with our amazing client… https://t.co/8Bp38kqk4M
@Ballistic Arts - 37 days ago
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We honour and remember our Canadian men and women who marched into battle and sacrificed their lives so that genera… https://t.co/UljBlsxU8q