SafeCare BC Animated Video Production

SafeCare BC is British Columbia’s long term care health and safety association. They support quality care through safer workplaces. The Ballistic Arts video team created a motion graphics video for long term care workers in BC that promotes awareness for high risk injuries in the workplace.


SafeCare BC


  • Non-profit Society


We created a mock-documentary style animation video with long term care workers as an endangered species due to workplace injuries.

Our video team designed a fake species of humans called "homo-laborious". These humans were under threat of becoming endangered due to a work environment with a high risk for injuries. The music and narrator were also stylized like a documentary. In addition, we added shaky camera movement to the animation and a camera viewfinder to make the video feel like a nature documentary.

SafeCare strives to be the industry leader in advancing injury prevention and safety training for long term care workers. They are committed to improving health and safety within the workplace and responding to the needs of their members.

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