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Live To Your Own Beat

Our team came together to create a brand story around Presley that was clean and nostalgic for real estate developers Sync Properties. This brand was inspired by the historic and trend-setting ways of Elvis Presley. Using creative messaging, clean photography, and a signature black and white logo, we were able to emulate a nostalgic brand while keeping it fresh and modern.

Trendsetting In The Valley

Our goal was to create a brand that would be recognizable for a wide range of demographics and that would be engaging for the local community as well. Presley was successful in getting the public's attention using their unique approach to marketing and trendy messaging to keep their buzz alive and thriving.

Designed For Your Unique Personality.

Sync Properties designed the elegant townhomes to allow any individual to live their unique personalities in the comfort of their new homes. Whether it's was a downsize, first time home buyers, or young families, Presley's homes offer an amazing layout that is adaptable to your style.

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