Essence Properties Web Design and Development

The Ballistic Arts web design and development teams worked together to create a new, modern website for Essence properties. Our goal was to create a landing page that spoke to Essence’s recently updated values and goals, while making it easy to access the details about their current and upcoming real estate projects.


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The warm and welcoming website evokes a family-friendly and fun feeling as users easily find the information they need. We made Essence Properties personable by including easily accessible “About Us” and “Contact” pages. Users can also easily navigate to and learn about Essence’s past and present real estate endeavors.


Essence Properties is a real estate developer in Surrey, BC that builds condos, apartments, and townhomes. They build family oriented properties and have completed more than 300 homes in Surrey, South Surrey, and Langley. With many of their own families living in the same area where they build homes, they make sure to stay involved in local communities by supporting local charities and sports teams.

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