CAPA Motion Graphics Video

Our talented video production specialists constructed an video that educates Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance's audience about what subsequent entry biologics or biosimilars are and how they differ from small molecule drugs. Our video presents the serious topic in a sensitive and engaging way.


Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance


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The Ballistic Arts video team provided CAPA with an entertaining motion graphics video that features flat design illustrations, stylized graphical treatments, and a colour palette that is based off their logo.

As there is a lot of important information in the video, animated graphics were used to help the viewer get a better sense of organization's key messaging points. The animation style that was used is bright, friendly and informative.


"Super happy! Mahanna is always pleasant and answers all of my questions. She is very responsive and always wants to make sure I understand what is going on project-wise." - Dawn Richards, Project Consultant, CAPA

The Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance is a grass-root, patient-driven, independent, national advocacy organization with members across Canada.

Their goal is to make positive changes to health policies by communicating with all levels of government. They maintain networks, and initiate or participate in committees and partnerships with other organizations to allow them to negotiate on behalf of people living with arthritis.

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