Acsenda Brand Development & Advertising

We produced a brand position and helped the Ascenda School of Management with their brand development in order to give them a competitive advantage.


Acsenda School of Management


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The Ballistic Arts graphic design team constructed a set of transit ad templates for Acsenda's international hospitality and business programs.

We also provided the school with accompanying messaging, tag lines, and advertising brand standards. The ad templates focus on one large center image and supporting colourful graphic elements that are inspired by the school's logo. The unique composition and layout of the designs will help our client stand out from their competition.

Acsenda School of Management is an international business management and leadership institution that offers undergraduate programs in British Columbia.

They emphasize a unique combination of small class sizes, open access to instructors and the use of the latest technology. Instructors are able to work with students directly in order to foster a deeper level of critical thinking and business management knowledge.

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