Try Our Halloween Face filters On Ballistic Arts Instagram Page

With new creative marketing being released every day, it’s hard to envision what the next big innovative marketing technology every Agency should be keeping an eye on. However, for us, we have been paying close attention to Augmented Reality or AR for short. Now AR might sound intimidating to the average joe, but here’s a little insight to help you better understand this technology. You know the cute puppy face, and the crazy aging filters you find on most of the popular social media outlets, well they are AR filters. Cool, right! Now we could keep talking about different types of filters, but we want to talk about this exciting new adventure our Design and Marketing department have been exploring… Pause for dramatic effect… We are creating custom one of a kind AR filters that can be used on your Facebook and Instagram channels.



Our goal was to come up with a few fun creative textures that we could experiment with for Halloween. So we opened up of creative toolbox and stretched our skills to make two awesome AR filters. The first filter offers something a little spooky, while the other is a fun interactive candy explosion. Check out the video below.


While we used our Social Media channel for testing we realize that this technology is way to cool to keep to oursleves and with Instagram alone having one billion monthly active users this is the next wave of digital marketing. Well, now we want to bring this new technology to your business so you can take advantage of this huge marketing platform.


You can visit our Instagram page to check out the filters our team created. Be sure to mark the check box on the bottom right corner to add this filter to your current list of filters and access it whenever you please! Click on the link to visit our page now: Be sure to follow us for more AR filters to be released as well as a Photo Contest, this December.