The more overrun our world becomes with advertising and imagery, the more simplistic and modest design trends have evolved to be.  There are many reasons why this is happening, and why it’s beneficial for you and your business to get onboard with uncluttered, stripped-down designs.  We all want to make sure potential customers or clients have access to the information they need when they see our website. Unfortunately, it’s easy to overload our media designs with so much information that our audience is clicking away or just plain uninterested.   If you’re looking for reasons to simplify your website or your next design, look no further!  Here’s why you should keep it simple:


Consumers have short attention spans

Research shows that humans may now have a shorter attention span than goldfish.  Since most people might only look at your website or advertisement for mere seconds, you’ll want to make sure the important stuff stands out.  An easy way to do this is to keep things simple with a lot of white space, which will inevitably draw users’ eyes to the information they need.  Ballistic Arts incorporated this tactic in our website design for BC’s Transportation Investment Corporation- check it out here.


Complex designs are harder for brains to process

This article by Shane Jones talks about the way our eyes and brain work, and how the more different colours and visual changes there are in a design, the more work we have to do to figure out what it all means.  This is probably why users increasingly rate uncomplicated website designs (like the website Ballistic Arts designed for the New Westminster Police Department) to be more visually appealing; no one wants to put in work just to figure out your website.


Consumers are picky about what they will stop to read

Our brains have been conditioned to know what an ad or disingenuous piece of media looks like.  If the media you design looks too much like cluttered or intrusive advertising, consumers will scroll past, look, or click away.  Simple designs like the motion design Ballistic Arts created for Nature’s Path will draw people in instead of diverting their attention elsewhere.


Minimalistic designs produce better results

More white space and straightforward content means your website or print media will be less complex to create.  This will benefit you because your website will load faster and be more adaptable to mobile versions, lowering your bounce rate!  For print media, this means higher quality prints that are less likely to bleed or be improperly cut (learn more in this great article by Carrie Cousins at design shack).  We used this approach for the branding, presentation centre and web design for real estate project The Guildford.