Recognizing and celebrating the contributions of BC’s best small businesses.

About the 10th Annual Successful You Awards:  this province-wide contest recognizes and celebrates the important contributions of BC’s entrepreneurs to their local communities and the wider global economy. Managed by Small Business BC, the contest is free to enter and open to all new and existing small businesses across B.C.

Since its inception in 2003, the Successful You Awards has attracted over 2,000 entrepreneurs in areas as diverse as retail trade, manufacturing, technology services, arts, entertainment and recreation.

This year’s contest is now open and Ballistic Arts Media Studios Inc. wants YOUR VOTES! 

About us: In the mountains of Burnaby, Ballistic Arts’ asylum houses many of BC’s most creative minds. We fantasize about video, hallucinate about WordPress, crave great graphic design, and need to score beautiful photos.
We’ve been in biz since ‘02, have roughly grown sales 25% – 30% yearly (other than ‘09), and will expand into Alberta in ‘13.

Our internal OCD processes:

  • 9:18a daily huddle gathers us to discuss daily plans.
  • Core values hung on our Asylum walls: Potential, Strong Relationships, Cause & Effect, Tenacity, Fuck Yeah!
  • 4:45p meetings every Tues: members buddy up to tackle a personal goal & work related goals.
  • Weekly 7-minute Peer-to-Peer sessions to keep fresh.

Some groups we’ve given back to:

  • The StreetoHome Foundation
  • SHARE Society
  • LIFT Philanthropy Services
  • posAbilities
  • Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce

Thanks for reading!