Calvin in a bubble

Our Germany/Canadian intern, Calvin Finger has completed his Summer 2014 Internship. He is now been released as a rehabilitated motion designer. During his stay, Calvin had the opportunity to polish his After Effects and Premiere skills, redefine his story-telling and most importantly, improved his team-project collaboration. We all concur that Calvin is now fit to rejoin his community with a stronger set of skills. He is now free.

“Hi, I am Calvin. For the past 100 days I’ve been an intern at Ballistic Arts Media. I have been part of the awesome video team, working on many different projects ranging from video editing productions, assisting with storyboarding, preparing and completing animations. My role varied from just shadowing other members of the team, to supporting the projects at hand and taking responsibility for my own projects.”

Ballistic Arts Practicum Student“During my time here, I’ve learned a lot about the workflow processes, improved my own skills and most of all collaborated in a team atmosphere. The team collaboration aspect has helped me to develop my skills, deal with constructive feedback and assist me to find the reasons what I love about my work.”

“Outside of the workplace, I attended various social events that helped me get to know the team members better, like having a blast at the Richmond night market or the scavenger hunt in Coquitlam.”

“I really enjoyed my time at Ballistic Arts; being surrounded by great people striving to improve their passions and relationships to each other. I will miss the support of the group. They didn’t feel like coworkers but more like friends.”

What I’ll miss the most:
– Learning
– Improving
– Being part of the team

Why they will be glad to get rid of me:
– The lunch-break video game sessions will be significantly quieter.

In the words of Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger:
“I’ll be bakk!”

Calvin in a foam pit

Calvin at work