Over the weekend the Ballistic Arts team along with a few friends made a trip to Ambush Paintball fields in Surrey. It was a good chance for the team to jump off their computers and pick up some guns!

David and Darrell were quick to  realize that it was nothing like the Call of Duty battlefield during lunch breaks in the office. David wished he could add a controller to his gun! Bryce realized for the first time that his tall height had him at somewhat of a disadvantage blending into the crowd and his surroundings.

In between our games we would get together and come up with different strategies for our matches. Some strategies we set were based on department.

“Design team, cover fire. Sales, you’re going left. Programmers, we’re flanking right.”

It all paid off though, because most of the games we played had our team coming out on top. We even had a match where almost the whole team came off the field without getting shot! Fuck Yeah!

The Ballistic Arts crew got to stick together on the same team throughout our paintball experience, so nobody got the chance to take out any of the bosses. Although Ted did mention getting shot in the back a number of times. Whether this was deliberate, we’ll never know. Ted and Tak displayed their true leadership qualities running straight into the fields like mad men, with the rest of the team not far behind. Everyone got a few kills in throughout our games. We also got our fair share of battle scars too.

Afterwords was a  sunny backyard BBQ at Tak’s to replenish and recuperate after it all. All in all it was a great day of building stronger relationships for the team.