Sweet-looking jerseys… CHECK
Unquestionable teamwork… CHECK
Super good time… CHECK
Relentless button smashing… CHECK

The gang at Ballistic Arts Media Studios marched on over to Unbounce’s office space to duel it out over Super Smash Brothers for the Wii U. The teams roared as they cheered for each other. Some of the games were so close that no one in the room even blinked. Though Unbounce was the victor of the night, it was undeniably a lot of fun for everyone. One of the Ballistic Arts team even snagged a $40 gift certificate for EXP Restaurant + Bar in which it was used for Smashing Nachos.

On June 12th, the tournament was hosted at Ballistic Arts Media Studios’ Coquitlam office! Now that it is on our home turf, we must do our best to win; but also not to forget to have a good time also.

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