The SHARE Food Bank receives no government funding, so they completely rely on the generosity of their community for food and cash donations. SHARE’s Food Bank serves over 5,00 people each year, and 35% of their clients are under the age of 19.

Since we re-branded SHARE Society’s IMAGINE event this year, 3 of our crew members were invited to participate in their annual fundraiser at the Hard Rock Casino. Rosie, Mahanna, and Nate got to enjoy delicious food and drinks, and a night of networking.

The main event of the evening, the Hamper Challenge, was a cooking competition between four pairs of local chefs and mayors. Each duo was asked to prepare two dishes using ingredients from one of SHARE’s food bank hampers. The society wanted to bring attention to the everyday problems their clients face. It’s challenging to make a tasty and nutritious meal when you have to completely rely on food bank hampers!

Another highlight of the night was SHARE Society’s silent auction. Rosie walked away with a brand new Heritage Herschel Backpack and Nate scooped up a meditative colouring book and a bottle of wine. All of the proceeds from the auction enabled SHARE to deliver essential programs and services to residents in the Tri-Cities.