VCH True North Now Video

Vancouver Coastal Health’s True North Now campaign aims to provide clarity to all of their staff members about what their strategic priorities are for next two years. The campaign focuses on empowering their employees to make decisions and openly talk about how they are making contributions to the collective success of VCH and overall transformation of the health care system. Our video production specialists created a compelling animated video that will drive VCH's leaders to make a change in their workplace.


Vancouver Coastal Health


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The Ballistic Arts video production team constructed a motion graphics video that illustrates the daily work life of the health care staff in our community.

Our Ballistic Artists produced a video that was shown to a group of Vancouver Coastal Health staff members at an internal conference. The colours that were used in the video were limited to blue, green, yellow and red to keep VCH’s corporate identity strong. The video's colouring book concept allows the viewer to absorb the information that was presented to them instead of being distracted by it's design. In addition to minimally coloured backgrounds and friendly custom illustrations, our video production specialists decided to use an uplifting music bed to create a fun and light-hearted tone.


“In our survey, about 90% of our event attendees agreed that the True North Now video provided a clear overview of VCH’s new strategic priorities. About 85% of the respondants agreed that the video and discussion guide will help them communicate with their team(s).” - Rennie Brown, Communications & Public Affairs, Vancouver Coastal Health

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