Vancouver’s rainstorm on September 20th didn’t stop the Ballistic Arts crew from having a fun-filled day at Playland. Our team members got to revisit their childhood by enjoying many extreme rides, skill-testing arcade games, and a delicious pizza lunch.

Playland’s newest attraction, and the crew’s most favourite ride has the same G-force as a fighter plane. You could say team bonding was at it’s finest when the team rode “The Beast” and experienced more than 5Gs of force. After countless trips to the Corkscrew, Wooden Rollercoaster, Atmosphere, and the Hellevator, our adrenaline-fuelled team decided to test their luck in the Arcade. After many failed attempts with coin-operated arcade games, our co-founder Tak emerged victorious and won a jackpot of 500 tickets.

A VIP pizza party was a pleasant end to an exciting day in the rain. And of course, just as the Ballistic Arts gang made their way back home, the storm started to pass.