Meet the Summer Intern: Calvin Finger“A fear of uncertainty drives this half German-Canadian specimen to strive for structure and organization in all ways of life. Everything that crosses his path is regarded a challenge to learn from and improve in search of perfection. Diverse interests make time management a vital part of his survival, to uphold the drive for knowledge and self fulfilment. When not chasing after a new passion, Calvin resorts to work on his failed gymnastics career, binge watching documentaries, ted talks or accepting a challenge in any video or board game.”

The internship so far.

“Hi, I’m Calvin. So far, during my time at Ballistic Arts I’ve had the opportunity to be in many different projects and get to know my great team members. Coming from a little further away I was not really sure what to expect from this internship, such as the work culture or if things would work out with the other team members. They welcomed me with open arms and made me feel immediately part of the group with value to contribute. After getting up to speed I was involved in multiple projects and ranging roles, from just providing support with assets to taking projects on  my own. The time I’ve been here has taught me a lot of practical skills for the work process, but more importantly being part of a team and a workflow. The great chemistry in the team binding us together and supporting each other has made this a great experience so far and I look forward to the upcoming months.”