I’ve always been into visual storytelling and video production, so it seemed like a no-brainer to apply for a practicum position at Ballistic Arts Media Studios. After a year in the New Media & Web Development program at BCIT, it’s satisfying to be working and applying what I’ve learned on multiple projects with the video team. They’ve helped me feel welcome and have given me plenty of opportunities to grow as a collaborative team member and filmmaker. Adjusting to their fast-paced work environment has been a huge, and incredibly valuable learning experience for me. Some of my highlights so far include endless Super Smash Bros. team battle sessions and a social event to Playland. I’ve enjoyed every second of my internship here and I am looking forward to spending these next few weeks with the team.


Like many people these days, I have my fair share of expensive paper hanging on my wall. But the 9-5 job that comes with my  paper just wasn’t for me.

I decided to go to BCIT and take their New Media Design and Web development program, in the hopes of finding a career that works with my nerdy passions. My time at BCIT was coming to an end, so I applied for a practicum position at Ballistic Arts Media Studios. Not having had any practical real-world experience in web development, I was not sure what to expect. The web team has been super busy, which has allowed me to test my abilities. Even though they’ve been busy, they have remained helpful and welcoming. In my first week I have already learned many new skills, from ACF repeater integration to Link’s Super Smash Bros. moves. I look forward to applying these skills to the coming weeks and seeing what I can do.