I´m Julia Llanos, a Motion Video Artist at Ballistic Arts Media Studio. I joined the team three months ago by doing this video application.

One of the reasons I applied for Ballistic Arts Media Studio is because I really like the team culture. I loved that they have a really fun website and they display everyone’s personalities in it.

I´ve always liked companies that have strong values, a unique personality, and like to do things differently. So Ballistic Arts seemed the right fit for me. When I decided to create my application, I wanted to reflect this too. Rather than doing a traditional cover letter I created a video application. I wanted to show my skill set, but most important, I wanted to do something creative and fun that made my application stand out.

Having fun doing your work and being passionate about it is what makes the difference. If you want to do great work, you have to enjoy what you do. To me, working at Ballistic Arts is the summary of that.

These past three months have been great. I am enjoying that amazing team culture that brought me here in the first place and I’ve had the chance to work on many different types of projects. I’m always learning new things.

I’m developing strong relationships with really amazing people and I am working at a company that cares about me, so yes, I got the kick ass job.