Some of our Ballistic Artists took a trip to the Foggy Dew Irish Pub after work last Thursday for GVHBA’s Minute To Win It Challenge event. Teams of five took part in a series of team-building games that had to be completed in 60 seconds. To summarize, the night’s highlights consisted of wings, drinks, and a ton of fun.

Ballistic Arts Dustin English Triumphant

Participants were challenged to play games such as:

Spoon Frog – Participants were required to launch teaspoons into cups by using another spoon as a catapult.

Brew Ha Ha – For this challenge, each teammate had to align four coffee cups on a slanted table. Once the cups were positioned, players had to push the top cup to activate a chain reaction. Each coffee cup had to hit one another until the last cup fell into a basket below.

Go the Distance – The first team to roll three ping pong balls into three shot glasses (using a tape measure as a bridge) won this mini game.

The Nutstacker – Our team members needed to stack large metal nuts on top of each other with chopsticks to win this challenge. Our very own Dustin emerged victorious for this one.

GVHBA Minute to Win It Ballistic Arts