Before Lindsay Tesar and Casey Kowalchuk could graduate from BCIT, they had to complete a three week practicum with the company of their choice. Needless to say, Lindsay and Casey survived their 2015 internship at Ballistic Arts. Now, they’re ready to start their careers in website design and video production.


Ballistic Arts Media Studios was my first choice when it came to practicum, and this place did not disappoint. The website design team put up with the all my questions and made me feel at home. The last 144 hours flew by in this great learning and working environment.  My time here has been extremely enlightening, and I’ve learned many things that were briefly brought up or completely missed at school. I feel like I just sat down and now it’s time to get up and take the skills that I have learned at Ballistic Arts onto my next great adventure.



The last 144 hours spent here at Ballistic Arts Media Studios has had a huge influence on me. I’ve grown immensely as a video editor and storyteller through editing my own projects using the company’s process and workflow. The video team has been great in giving me constructive feedback and in pushing me to try new things with my projects. Spending time with the team both in the office and at Playland were among my favorite memories of 2015 so far. I’m grateful to have had this incredible learning opportunity. I would love work with these beautiful people once again.