Millennials are the largest growing demographic in today’s workforce, and company culture is something that they highly value. While job security and salary may have been leading driving factors for previous generations, today a company’s culture is often equally, if not more important.

Cultivating a positive, engaging and unique corporate culture is what differentiates a company amongst its competitors in an employee’s eyes. Employees are looking for companies that encourage them to grow and share their ideas, making for a more diverse and well-rounded company. As a co-op student, I’ve been able to witness the great company culture that’s fostered at Ballistic Arts.

The digital media studio allows their employees to grow and gain leadership skills within the company through several committees. Below are three of my favourite things about Ballistic Arts.

Social Committee

Our Social Committee works hard to plan staff outings by brainstorming enjoyable team bonding activities that are related to the season. This committee organizes all of the logistics for our staff events so that each Ballistic Artist can have a fun filled time outside of work. On top of it all, the Social Committee also sets up themed weekly lunches, like our taco-filled Fiesta Fridays! #tacosarelovetacosarelife

Holiday Committee

The Ballistic Arts Holiday Committee takes care of planning annual events and activities like our staff holiday party and anniversary celebrations. With our 15th anniversary coming up in 2017, there are some very exciting plans in store.

Social Media Committee

Lastly, our Social Media Committee is in charge of engaging with our amazing clients through all of our social media channels. This committee is responsible for sharing all of our amazing experiences through our Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Blog. The members of this committee take pleasure in keeping up with our clients and followers as well.

Ballistic Arts is a company that encourages leadership and fun. When we’re not developing websites, designing brands, or producing videos, we’re incorporating fun into the fabric of our culture. #workhardplayhard

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