Storytelling through video boosts engagement, triggers social media sharing and gives people a reason to talk about you online and offline. Storytelling can also be a very effective way to breathe life into your brand. If you’re able to combine the best of both worlds, branded videos can give your company a huge competitive advantage. Whether you’re aiming to produce a memorable video or create a deeper connection with your customers, check out our 5 essentials for successful video storytelling below.



1. Choose one key message.

Your key message should be the first thing you want your audience to do or remember after watching your video. The most effective videos focus on only one key message. It may be tempting to tack on multiple messages while you have your audience’s attention, but cluttering your video with too many topics can confuse your potential customers. You don’t need to cram your company’s entire story into a single video. Be selective. If you feel that you have too many topics to cover, consider making a series of shorter videos instead.



2. Know your audience.

The best way to capture and hold the attention of your audience is by customizing your video’s message. To tailor your message, you must first decide on who you want to appeal to. Your target audience can really only be defined by conducting thorough research. What to research varies across different companies. Start off by determining the average age, gender, and location of your current and prospective clients. After that, it should be much easier to figure out which marketing messages will resonate with them and which media channels will be the best way to reach them.



3. Focus on character development.

The foundation of every memorable story begins with great characters. Think about the characters in your favourite television show. What do you like about them? Are they wise, driven, or kind? Now think about your brand and the characteristics that encompass it. These traits should be found in the personalities of your story’s characters. Remember, likeable characters with a lot of depth usually tell the best stories. Also, don’t forget to consider your targeted audience when you’re in the character design process.



4. Have fun with it.

Your audience can connect with you on a whole new level when you utilize video. They can see the energy behind your message. If the people in your video are having a genuinely good time, their attitude will come through and make the video more engaging for your audience. If your cast isn’t having fun filming the video, chances are your audience probably won’t have fun watching it. If your video tells a funny, exciting or an over-dramatic story, it will not only explain something, but it will also entertain — and that’s always memorable.



5. Work with the experts.

A digital creative agency can provide you with a fresh perspective. Remember, allowing new people to enter your business plan can lead to new ideas and new marketing perspectives. A creative agency can also help with translating your product and services into a story that resonates with your target audience. Because digital creative agencies work with a variety of clients, their ideas and creativity won’t become stagnant. A major part of our job is to stay up-to-date on all the latest trends across the industry.

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