Search Engine Optimization is the backbone of your website’s success. If you haven’t jumped on the SEO bandwagon yet, or your website doesn’t show up on the first page of your prospect’s search results, you’re already a step behind your competition. About 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine, so you can’t afford to be missing out on that many potential leads and sales. Here are three SEO tips that will help boost your website’s online exposure:


1. Choose The Right Keywords.

There’s a bit of a science to properly identifying the right keywords for your website. Fortunately, you don’t need to rely on your own calculations to conduct keyword research. The first step to choosing the most appropriate keywords is to understand which ones people are searching for. This can be determined by using free online tools such as the Google Trends. From our experience, the best keywords are usually 2 to 4-word phrases that accurately describe your company’s products and/or services. Be sure to only select terms that you want your website to be associated with. Also, try to use everyday language that searchers are likely to use in their search queries. The keywords you choose need to be general enough so that a lot of people will search for them, but specific as well so that you can have a good chance of receiving high search rankings.


2. Write Great Meta Titles & Descriptions.

A meta title is one of the most important on-page SEO ranking factors. It is usually one of the first things people see on a search result page, and is meant to be a concise and accurate description of a web page. Meta titles give users a quick insight into the contents of a search result and why it’s relevant to their query, so high-quality meta titles are a must.

A meta description is a small snippet that can be found below a website’s meta title and URL when it’s information is displayed on a search results page. When writing your own meta titles and descriptions, make sure to include your most important keywords. This will help the search engines understand what your web pages are about and index those pages for relevant search queries. Meta titles should be less than 70 characters and it is best to keep meta descriptions between 150 and 160 characters.


3. Post Great Content Often.

High-quality content should be a key component in every SEO strategy. It can boost your website’s rankings, help you gain credibility, and build up your targeted audience. Sites that offer unique, relevant, and valuable content are going to be looked at more favourably by the search engines, and will appear higher in search result pages.

A frequently updated website will also provide the search engines with sources of new information and a ton of fresh content for their search requests. A site without high-quality content will only result in a waste of time, effort, and resources. If you’re constantly updating your website with great content that includes your targeted keywords, you’ll see lower bounce rates, better keyword rankings, and an increase of search traffic. Remember, the best content topics are the ones that will resonate with your audience.

Ballistic Arts can help you increase your leads, drive more targeted traffic to your website, and improve your keyword rankings in 3 ways:

SEO Audits

We’ll be able to evaluate your site’s visibility, and identify the weaknesses in it’s content, targeted keywords, page speed, and mobile-responsiveness with our one-time SEO Audits. These large reports will also outline the high priority tasks that we will accomplish for you, and give you a clear roadmap of the work you can do over time.

Health Checks

Our website specialists will analyze your current website, back up it’s database as a safety measure, check for broken links and images, update your WordPress Core and plugins, and then back up your site one more time. In other words, we’ll make sure that your website is secure, healthy, and up-to-date.

SEO Reports

Find out how your website measures up against it’s competition benchmarks with our SEO Reports. We’ll assess your site, outline it’s strengths and weaknesses, make gradual improvements, and make monthly recommendations on the best way for you to invest your time and energy. These reports also show your website’s progress, and provide points of comparison within the industry.

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