The sun was shining on a September afternoon as the Ballistic Arts crew took to Queen’s park for the first Annual Silly Games Tournament. Our fierce competitors were divided into three teams: The Mountains, 2Guys & a Girl, and D’z Nuts. Internal company department loyalties were thrown aside as dreams of victory filled their minds. The tournament begun with a chaotic run of Pop Your Balloon,” Flip Cup” (Non-alcoholic version), Toss The Sac” and finally to the death defying game of Human Joust.”

After the sweat and tears were wiped away, and once all of our litter was cleaned up (because we keep our parks clean…), one team stood victorious:

2Guys & a Girl.

Congratulations to our winning team. All is well in the world as the true champions reign supreme at Ballistic Arts.

Enjoy your limelight fellas, next year there will be blood.