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The Arbuthnot Group is one of our longest-standing clients. We have serviced the company for the past 15 years and have provided them with website designs, marketing materials, and everything in-between.


The Arbuthnot Group


  • Food & Beverage


Each month we design marketing materials for TAG in hopes of improving their marketing strategy, maintaining their strong brand, and highlighting their promotions.

Our talented graphic designers provide The Arbuthnot Group with menus, discount cards, posters and other miscellaneous projects on an ongoing basis.

The newest member of The Arbuthnot Group of Pubs, HOPS Pub in New Westminster, specializes in beers from Micro-Breweries in the Pacific North West. To promote their long list of craft beers on tap, we created a fun 20-page Craft Beer Passport and two accompanying promotional posters. Once contest participants try 50 craft beers, fill out their booklet, and hand it in to a HOPS Pub employee, they are entitled to a gift basket that is valued at $50.00.

The Arbuthnot Group owns and operates many neighbourhood pubs and liquor stores throughout the Lower Mainland, and have been in business for over twenty years.

The company focuses on delivering pubs with easygoing and upbeat atmospheres and providing local options to socialize, grab a refreshing beverage, and enjoy quality fare.

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