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Pacific Coast Terminals is the link between ship and shore for Western Canadian resource companies and their global markets. Over the course of 55 years in Port Moody, Pacific Coast Terminals has become an integral part of the community of Port Moody.


Pacific Coast Terminals


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They came to Ballistic Arts in hopes of creating a website that would also show the public that they are always advancing and moving forward.

PCT is an ongoing supporter of arts, cultural, and environmental initiatives in the City, the company is one of the largest industrial employers, and taxpayers in Port Moody. The design and web team created a website that is modern and bright. With the use of curves and bright colours, the site gives off an approachable feeling. The shape that the banner image is cropped in a shape that is an homage to the company’s vision and success. As community, business, and history are the most important, those sections are readily available right under the banner image as pillars.


"Great job all around. Thank you!" - Jennifer McKinnon, Office, HR and Communications Coordinator, Pacific Coast Terminals

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