IEC-BC Video Production and Graphic Design

The Ballistic Arts team created two infographics and one video to aid the Immigrant Employment Council of BC in showing both immigrants and employers the benefits of its online tools. Both projects were aimed at creating a better understanding of these programs in order to increase usage and create more accessible job opportunities for immigrants.


  • Not-for-profit Organization


We created a cheerful, engaging infographic to summarize all the information immigrants and employers need to know about BCJobConnect, a online tool that connects employers to skilled immigrants looking for work. The infographic is friendly and colourful while utilizing white space to make statistics and information stand out.


We also created a short video for not-for-profit IEC-BC that clearly explained the benefits of their FAST (Facilitating Access to Skilled Talent) program, which allows immigrants to assess their skills against Canadian workplace requirements and expectations. The narration in the video needed to be clear and concise, and subtitles were added to make the clip easy to follow.


IEC-BC is a not-for-profit organization that aims to aid in integrating immigrants into the BC labour market. They provide support and tools for employers and immigrants that simplifies the immigrant employment process and aids in building BC’s economy.

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