Banner Designs for Concord Pacific

The Ballistic Arts graphic design team worked with Concord Pacific to create fence banner designs for the fences surrounding their temporary park along the seawall in Vancouver. This series of banners are filled with simple but fun designs and cute, happy characters enjoying the amenities the park has to offer.


  • Real Estate Development



We created eight fence banner designs with unique themes that show off the different amenities of Concord Pacific’s temporary park, such as kids play areas, beach volleyball, picnic tables, and a half basketball court. We added waves to the bottom of each banner to create an aesthetic them that connects them along the seawall. We included lots of white space to draw bypasser’s eyes to the minimalistic, friendly illustrations.

Concord Pacific Park Banner graphic design and illustration
Concord Pacific Park Banner illustration basketball


Concord Pacific has been developing skyline and waterfront properties in Vancouver for over 30 years. Beginning with their construction of BC Place Stadium for Expo ‘86, Concord Pacific has a track record of creating beautiful structures in BC, and the Concord Group has echoed the same standard worldwide.

Concord Pacific Park Banner illustration street view
Concord Pacific Park Banner illustration volleyball

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