BC Care Providers Association Video Production

The Ballistic Arts video team shot and edited a video interview for the BC Care Providers Association celebrating their long time member Hank VanRyk as he was awarded with the Ed Helfrich Long Service Excellence Award. Our goal was to create a friendly video that clearly summarizes the work Hank has done alongside the BC Care Providers Association.


BC Care Providers Association


  • Health Care



Ballistic Arts shot a video interview with Hank on location at his workplace in which he was able to share his story, successes, and insight into the industry. We got to record Hank going about his day and interacting with his staff, displaying his friendly and hard-working personality in several establishing shots. The video interview was edited with a bright and fun animated intro and outro, and friendly, playful music throughout.


The BC Care Providers Association represents over 300 non-government organizations in the senior’s care sector in British Columbia residential care. Established in 1977, there are over 16,000 seniors being cared for by their member organizations.

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