ARETE Web Design and Development

Ballistic Arts built a new website for ARETE Training that better reflects the quality of services they provide. We wanted to represent ARETE as the go-to provider for conflict and violence prevention training while keeping their new site consistent with their current branding.


  • Professional Training & Coaching


When designing the new ARETE site, we took into consideration ARETE’s unique target audiences in both Canada and the U.S. of people employed in human resources or occupational health and safety. We kept the site minimalistic while making sure all necessary information was accessible on the home page. ARETE’s new site clearly lists all the training programs they offer while conveying the wide range of clients and businesses who use their services. We also made it easy for users to register for online programs or request information and quotes.


ARETE Training is a Vancouver-based group offering a unique approach to preventing and managing workplace conflict and violence. They offer a wide variety of programs and services to benefit any workplace.

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