Professional Video – Allocadia Security & Trust

The Ballistic Arts video team produced a professional video for Allocadia that communicates how their thoughtful security features protect their clients’ information. This video is a part of series of videos Ballistic Arts has worked on with Allocadia over several years. Our goal was to follow the same style as the videos we’ve made for the brand in the past while building transparency and trust between Allocadia and their clients.


We shot a live-action video on location at Allocadia’s office to have an Allocadia team member explain first-hand the security features Allocadia offers. We added friendly, bright music and simple transition graphics including the Allodia logo to create a professional video with a modern feel.


Allocadia is a marketing performance management solution that helps business organize their marketing strategies and measure their impact. They offer tools and packages for investing, aligning, and optimizing marketing needs.

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