Hybrid Videos

Get the best of both styles by combining live-action footage with animated graphics for maximum impact.

Our professional team will use all our skills and tools to transform your video presentation into a living, breathing entity.

Video Storytelling

Benefits of Hybrid Videos

Merge the real-world with graphics

Hybrid videos open all-new possibilities of storytelling. Combining all the benefits of Live-Action and the limitless imagination of Motion Graphics. Hybrid videos create a strong impression in your viewers decisions. They enhance the human experience to attract more customers and drive engagement. Your brand will grow exponentially by using hybrid videos.

Types of Hybrid Video

  • Explainer
  • Company Profile
  • Broadcast Commercial (Marketing) – what are the extra costs and procedures
  • Online Commercial (Marketing)
  • Customer Testimonial
  • Internal Communications
  • Culture / Recruiting
  • Staff Training
  • Product Demonstration

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