Sprott Shaw College Marketing Campaign

Sprott Shaw College wanted to increase their brand presence. They entrusted Ballistic Arts with video production, collateral design, and a website revamp.


Sprott Shaw


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We utilized the existing Sprott Shaw brand to improve the usability of the website for their visitors and administrators.

A large slider with strong call to actions was placed in the middle of the page to encourage users to enroll in one of the college’s programs. The layout of the site places major emphasis on 5 different departments and the Sprott Shaw Advantages by using simple blue and purple icons.

The Ballistic Arts video team crafted two short and sweet videos which feature student and advisor testimonials.

Both videos feature energetic music, refreshing cast members, and the specific advantages of attending the college. The overall tone of the video is warm and welcoming. It invites the audience to take the next step so they can reach their career goals. The videos were shortened so that they could be aired on local television channels. The Ballistic Arts live action video process includes treatment, scripting, actor casting, location scouting, on-site filming, editing, and post-production services.


"Fabulous! Visually engaging and speaks to strengths and elements that we stand for. Well done!" - Patrick Dang, President, Sprott Shaw College

The Ballistic Arts video team produced five light-hearted motion graphic videos for the college.

Each animation was coloured in Sprott Shaw’s soft brand colours. Our team decided to us an animation style that was approachable and friendly. The videos used a variety of close-up and wide-angled shots to keep the transitions between scenes dynamic and smooth. They all have consistently styled openings and endings to make the videos feel like they belong together (which also aids in helping the viewer remember the names of the programs.)

Sprott Shaw has always approached education in a modern way.

They’ve offered programs that are meaningful and relevant to the current economy since 1903. They also provide many different options beyond what is currently expected of our educational system's public and private sectors. Sprott Shaw College truly understands the importance of being adaptable and dynamic, and they needed a modern website that reflected that.

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