Shannon by Wall Financial Corporation Web Design

The Ballistic Arts Media Studios graphic design and website design crew produced a clean and modern custom WordPress website for Wall Financial Corporation.


Wall Financial


  • Real Estate Development

Whitespace, simple typesetting and vibrant photography were used to effectively showcase the neighbourhood.

We created a website that is easy to navigate, which allows users to find features, floorplans, rental rates and other important information quickly. The website design also demonstrates a few of the many advantages of living at the Shannon Wall Centre.

Shannon Wall Centre, which was formerly known as Shannon Mews, was originally a large farm in the early 1900s.

Now, the 10 acre estate in Kerrisdale consists of an elaborate Italian garden and many large, historic buildings that have been converted into residential suites. The property has been redeveloped with townhouses and low rise apartment buildings. Great care was taken to preserve and restore the original structures of the estate. Wall Financial Corporation required a website that would show-off their spacious 1 and 2 bedroom apartments and townhomes.

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