Owen Bird Law Corporation Responsive Web Design

The Ballistic Arts web design crew delivered an appealing and easy-to-update website that allows Owen Bird's employees to manage their own profiles.


Owen Bird Law Corporation


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Owen Bird Law Corporation needed a website that would demonstrate their abilities and differentiators, and reinforce their outstanding reputation.

Our goal was to create a website design that strongly reflects Owen Bird's existing brand and the diversity of their lawyers, shareholders, and practices. The clean and contemporary custom WordPress website optimizes the use of our own professional photography services. The also site includes detailed descriptions of the firm's areas of practice, and a blog page that is managed by multiple lawyers.

In addition to our website design, we provided Owen Bird with professional lifestyle photography services.

The company was in need of some new photos that would strengthen their online presence and visual identity. One of our photographers took a trip down to the law firms' head office in downtown Vancouver to photograph the lawyers in their regular work environment.

To serve clients well, Owen Bird only recruits bright, energetic, and motivated lawyers, who close deals, win cases, and get the job done.

Everyone in the law firm seeks to provide outstanding service. With their diverse skill set, Owen Bird lawyers solve problems and achieve goals through negotiation, arbitration, litigation, or whatever best suits their clients’ needs. Determining those needs and how to meet them is what the company does best.

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