Lawson Lundell LLP Holiday Video

The Ballistic Arts video production team came together to create a fun animated video that spreads holiday cheer and reinforces Lawson Lundell's brand.


Lawson Lundell LLP


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Our motion graphics video was sent to the law firm's clients, friends, and family as a way of saying thank you.

The video features groups of snowmen who are hard at work in Lawson Lundell's Calgary, Yellowknife, and Vancouver offices. It uses custom handwritten typography, a cheerful music bed, and a bright colour scheme to create a warm and festive tone.

Lawson Lundell LLP has been named the #1 regional law firm in BC, Alberta, and the North for the third consecutive time.

They provide a broad range of legal services to numerous key industry sectors, such as the real estate, health care, mining, financial services, technology, and construction & engineering sectors. The firm is currently focusing their efforts on the global economy, energy efficiency and the environment.

Please find two excellent comments from two of our lawyers below.

“I’ve seen many electronic cards and want to commend you and your team for ours. It’s outstanding!”

“I am not sure which of you is responsible for not only including pensions in the holiday card, but also understanding exactly who are clients are, well done."

Are you in need of a new video? One of our Ballistic Artists would be happy to assist you. For more information on how you can develop your own motion graphics video, call us at 604.553.1081 or tell us about your project on our online contact page now.