Dynamic Attractions Custom WordPress Website

The Ballistic Arts web design and development team produced a contemporary and easy to update custom WordPress website for Dynamic Attractions.


Dynamic Attractions & Empire Industries


  • Attraction Design & Development

The colour scheme of red, black and white works well with Dynamic Attraction's logo and conveys a sense of energy and excitement.

To capture attention, the website utilizes bold fonts, striking photography, and vibrant colour overlays that are reflective of the attraction design and installation company's brand. The main navigation menu runs along the top of the page so that it is always easily accessible. We also included a newsfeed and social media widgets in the website design to keep Dynamic Attractions' audience in the loop.

Dynamic Attractions has been creating amusement park rides, theme park attractions, and other complex steel structures since 1926.

They offer the complete package, from creative concepts to final delivery. Dynamic Attractions combine advanced engineering with artistic vision to create unforgettable experiences. The company hired us to create an eye-popping and hair-raising website design.

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