COBS Bread Microsite Design

With 88 bakeries in Canada, COBS Bread is a part of the most successful franchise bakery network in the world. Their bread bakers make traditional and gourmet breads from scratch every morning, and at the end of each day, all of the company’s leftover bread is donated to charity. Since opening in 2003, COBS Bread has donated more than $15 million in bread to charities. The company was in need of a microsite that would feature a few of their favourite recipes, and promote their delicious gourmet, whole wheat, ciabatta, hot dog, and hamburger buns.


Cobs Bread


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COBS Bread came to us in hopes of creating a microsite that would showcase their Take The Buns Pledge summer campaign.

Last month, contest participants were able to "take the buns pledge" and enter for a chance to win 1 of 88 portable Napoleon Grills - one for each Canadian COBS bakery! The Ballistic Arts web design and development team produced a fun, engaging, and easy-to-use custom website for COBS' most recent contest. The full-width site uses eye-catching imagery and bold textures to create a visually appealing homepage. We also included a fixed navigation bar in our design so that visitors can easily navigate through the company's new website.

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