Canadian Mental Health Association Tribute Video

The Ballistic Arts video production specialists wrote, edited, and produced, a tribute video to honour a long-time volunteer and mental-health workplace hero, Kevin Hegarty.


Canadian Mental Health Association


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Our tribute video was presented at Canadian Mental Health Association's annual Bottom Line Conference.

Our film crew visited the Firefighters Association and the Fire Hall in Surrey to record the touching tribute video. Personal interviews from Kevin's colleagues and a solemn music track contributed to a weighty but hopeful tone.


"Thank you so much for your work on this. I am so proud of the video and really appreciate your sensitivity in the room and in the editing. I think his family will also be very touched." - Julia Kaisla, Director of Community Engagement, Canadian Mental Health Association

The Canadian Mental Health Association is one of the oldest voluntary organizations in Canada.

For more than 95 years, the association has existed to promote the mental health of everyone across Canada through education, public awareness, research, advocacy, and direct services.

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