Adera’s South Ridge Club Real Estate Video

Real Estate Development Videos for Adera’s multi-family homes are important in communicating how they are one of British Columbia’s leading real estate development companies. They have several holdings in mortgage lending, income producing real estate, telecommunications, manufacturing, and insurance.




  • Real Estate Development


Adera’s most recent project, the members-only South Ridge Club community, needed a first-class video of its own. Adera wanted a real estate development video that would describe the great location and amenities in the South Ridge Surrey area.

The 90-second live action real estate development videos that was constructed by the Ballistic Arts’ Vancouver video production team features homeowners Tradene and Daniel, and their positive home buying experience with Adera. Tradene and Daniel also describe the convenience of Morgan Crossing. The local shops include a Thrifty’s, shoe store for Tradene, and coffee shop for Daniel.

The video showcases stunning visuals of the lively South Ridge neighbourhood in Surrey and a feel-good and upbeat music track. The comfortable setting and soft experience give the viewer a sense of what it’s like to live in an Adera home.