clark My name is Clark Yao. I am a graduating student from BCIT’s Digital Design and Development program. Before I came to Ballistic Arts, I didn’t have any real work experience in this industry. I thought the adjustment period at office might be stressful or overwhelming, but I changed my mind immediately the first day I stepped into Ballistic Arts. The atmosphere here is welcoming and lighthearted to everyone.

I have already learned a lot that I would not have thought about before. I am passionate about design, because design allows me to have a wide range to think and create new things. It always gives me a sense of satisfaction. I would like to learn how to make my design more producible, matching best practices.

The internship at Ballistic Arts will be one of my most important experiences in my career life, and I look forward to learning more in coming weeks.

helenAfter an intense year of school at BCIT (New Media and Web Development Program), it was a refreshing change to step into the Asylum for my practicum placement. Ballistic Arts is an energetic and inspiring place to learn, work, and challenge myself. I came in with a desire to learn more about WordPress development and my team-mates have been very supportive and encouraging during my stay here. Not only that, the entire office has made a huge effort to include me in daily activities and office events. I have learned so much in my short time at Ballistic Arts and I hope to continue learning more about WordPress and web development going forward into my career in New Media.

Thanks Ballistic Team!

toniaI’m Tonia, the web team’s newest Front-end Web Development intern. I am also a graduating student from BCIT’s Digital Design and Development program. I chose web development because web technologies never stop evolving and innovating, and I find it fascinating being on board for the ride. In fact, anything digital has been a strong passion of mine since a very young age, and it feels incredible to be part of a team that shares the same passion as me. The company has strong values that resonate in every team member, and it has been very inspiring to see it show through everyday. I’ve learned a lot already, and I look forward to honing my web skills further, including WordPress custom programming and plugin development, as well as industry best practices. Thanks again to everyone at Ballistic Arts for giving me the opportunity to be part of such a thriving and tenacious team!