Interns in the Line of Fire

The asylum is keeping our newest additions busy, but we are pleased to shoot, er, have them introduce themselves after week one.

“Hey there, my name is Harrison Shaw and I am a part of the Graphic Design team. This first week has been a huge eye opener for me and I have learned a lot in terms of creating an effective design that not only looks good but gets the point across as well. The workload has certainly been consistent and ongoing. If there is one thing I hope to achieve during my short stay at Ballistic Arts, it would have to be to further improve the skills that I have learned this week and also learn new tips to effectively create engaging designs that the client, and myself can look back on and be fully satisfied with. It feels good to finally get out of the classroom and work in a real world scenario to get some better experience under my belt. Thanks again to everyone at Ballistic Arts for giving me the opportunity.”

“Hey, I’m Dustin, Ballistic Arts newest inmate… I mean, intern.
During my time at Ballistic Arts, I’ll be working with and learning from the web team, as a Front-end Web Developer. My days mostly consist of upgrading, health-checking, and implementing content on WordPress websites.  The very busy web team and the rest of the team has been more than welcoming and made me feel very comfortable. It’s been amazing to see what these talented individuals are accomplishing, and I’ll be absorbing as much as I can for the next few weeks of my internship!”