Like it or not, we are often judged by our appearances. The same holds true for business branding! A business needs a strong identity to stand out amongst competitors in today’s global market. Consider the next 3 suggestions when you decide on how to build your company’s brand:


1. Brand Refresh

Companies evolve and marketplaces change so there can come a time when refreshing your brand makes sense.  This can be a balancing act between preserving your existing integrity and recognition while creating new connections.  Ask yourself the following questions to determine whether or not you need to refresh your brand.

Does your brand accurately show who you are to the marketplace of today?

Has your brand grown inconsistent?

Over time it is likely your company has evolved somehow.  The changes may be big or small, and an exercise in looking within may lead to answers on how you should look without. From the time of your brand’s inception there has probably been multiple times when new marketing material has been required and this may have already changed or evolved from the brand’s initial look to meet the challenges at the time.

In other words, you should consider a brand refresh if you have recognized and are proactively leading towards a shift in the company and want to have your brand match this upon launch.


2. Sub Brands

When a new idea, product or service shows big promise, but doesn’t quite fit in with your current brand, a well-designed sub brand can give it the unique identity it needs while staying connected to a brand that people are already familiar with.

Perhaps a particular section of your company has seen incredible growth or you see potential in a new marketplace?  And, there are very unique qualities to this particular service offering or product to warrant it’s own sub brand and campaign.  This can go as far as a sub brand or just its own hashtag.  Ultimately, this is an opportunity to target an audience specifically.

To put it briefly, if you already have a very strong brand you might want to let that endorse your new product or service.


3. Content Brands

Branded content is a form of advertising that uses content creation as a way to feature or promote a particular brand. Most of the time, it looks and feels like advertising.

In our opinion, content brands are the best type of brands. If you want your own content brand, you have to promise that any content that comes from you will be worth consuming. All of your content should be created for the sole purpose of engaging with your audience. You can build a great content brand by making sure everything you create is intelligent, relevant, helpful, and entertaining. Content brands are created for an audience, while branded content is created for a business.

Build your own content brand by writing or producing your content with an audience-first approach. It is a worthwhile investment that will build a loyal audience.


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