With over 40 million small business pages, 1.71 billion monthly active users, and 6 new profiles created every second, it’s clear to see why Facebook is a very useful marketing tool. Nowadays, it’s very important to have a strong presence on this social network as it is the fastest growing social media platform in the world. Take a look at our 3 essential Facebook business marketing tips below.


1. Optimize Your Vanity URL

Before you create your company’s Facebook Page, you need to make sure that your desired vanity URL is available. Claiming a unique vanity URL for your businesses Facebook Page is easy. If done correctly, your Page will have an easy-to-find, easy-to-share, and professional web address. When you first set up a Page for yourself or business, Facebook will give you a very long URL that will include a bunch of random numbers. It’s very unlikely that anyone would be able to remember one of these default URL’s, however, once your Facebook Page has received more than 25 likes, you’ll be able to claim your own. In order to change your vanity URL, you must choose a Facebook username. Your username will be used in your vanity URL after “www.facebook.com/“, so don’t use any spaces or unnecessary symbols. We recommend choosing a username that is short, memorable, and on-brand. Your company’s name or domain name is ideal.

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2. Make Your About Section Count

Your Facebook Page has a small About section where you can describe your business in a couple of sentences. Your About section is one of the first things that your visitors will see once they’ve landed on your Facebook page. This section will appear just under your cover photo at the top of your Page. An incomplete About section could result in missed Facebook traffic and likes. Be sure to include the most important information about what you have to offer, so that your audience can instantly understand why your page should matter to them. Only 155 characters will be visible in this field, so try and make your write-up as descriptive and helpful as possible. Please note that every About Page is indexed by Google, so you will want to ensure that yours is very descriptive and keyword-rich. We suggest including your website’s URL in this section of your Page, so that people can easily find your website since this field is so prominent.

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3. Post Valuable Content

You can post four different types of content on Facebook: links, images, videos and text updates. Before choosing the type of content you would like to post, take time to analyze your business and audience. If you want to drive traffic to your blog, the link format would most likely work well for you. On the contrary, if brand awareness is your main goal, graphics and videos would probably be a better bet. In our opinion, the best type of Facebook content is about building brand loyalty, awareness and increasing your overall engagement. If your aiming to create a loyal group of followers, try to offer as much value in your content as possible. Teach your audience about your services. Offer free resources. Post an informative video on the best way to use your new product. If you add value to your Page with a lot of free tips and content, your followers will be more willing to invest in your products or services. Remember, the more valuable and relatable your content is, the more likely it is that people will share it with others.

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