Article by Business in Vancouver.  Published July 17, 2012.

Companies that make bold moves into viral video will win new audiences and customers


Ted Lau: CEO, Ballistic Arts Media Studios

While it’s nice to have videos of your CEO talking about your company’s five-year plan or a more traditional “corporate video,” companies gutsy enough to be different are the ones winning the attention (and dollars) of new customers.

Viral videos reach beyond someone already interested in buying your service or product and imbed themselves into the minds of the general public.

Just look to the videos that have become ingrained into our everyday online minds. Some are quirky, funny, different and even controversial. However, all of these videos have one quality in common: they’re authentic.

In the world of ever-increasing transparency, companies that will win over the hearts and minds of the consumer in the next century will be real and not just trying to sell you a product by telling you what they think you want. Everything you do in marketing, including viral videos, must consistently reflect your company’s values and must be real. If they’re not, you’ll be exposed as being a fake or inauthentic.

Viral videos typically don’t necessarily need to look polished or produced with tens of thousands of dollars, but they do need to be clever, engaging and even a little quirky.

My personal favourites right now are the “world’s first lip-dub proposal” (which made a few people I know tear up), the rapping airline attendant from Southwest Airlines and Honda’s Ferris Bueller homage.

At the end of the day, simply put something out there that’s authentic about your company, its values and what you stand for. And if you can get Matthew Broderick to star in it, that helps, too.

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