Instagram has become one of the most effective tools to help companies build their brands. Today, over 59% of the world’s top companies are active on the image-based social sharing site. Take a look at our 6 tips on how to use Instagram for business below:


1. Use Industry Related Hashtags

To attract your target audience, use hashtags that are related to your industry. People who are not following you will be able to find your pictures more easily if you use the right hashtags. Unlike Twitter, there isn’t a character limit for Instagram posts so feel free to use as many related hashtags as necessary. We recommend inserting a line of periods or spaces in between your caption and hashtags so your message isn’t drowned out.

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2. Post A Variety Of Images

Switch up the types of photos you post by posting a mix of images that are related to your business with ones that are just for fun. For example, posting a photo of an adorable dog will let your followers know that your company cares about animals. This will make your business more relatable. Fun photos will allow your followers to see the personality of your company, and make them more likely to be engaged with your account.

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3. Collaborate With Influencers In Your Industry

Take the opportunity to expand your reach by teaming up with influencers or popular people in your industry. Allow them to take over your Instagram account for a day and post about their daily lives. This will: A) Switch up your newsfeed and catch the attention of your followers, and B) Bring more users to your page. Both of these outcomes will help you attract the attention of different instagram users and help you to build a strong follower base.

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4. Hold Contests On Instagram

Instagram is a great platform to hold contests. Contests will not only help you interact with your followers but will also promote your company and expand your reach. When creating your own contest, get your followers to share one of your pictures and tag their friends in the comment section. Ensure that each user tags you in their new post so that you can keep track of each entry and see how many times your photo has been shared.

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5. Measure Your Results

Statigram and Nitrogram are just two of the many apps that are available to help you analyze your Instagram posts. Use these apps to see how engaging your posts are and gauge what types of posts will get you the most attention. By measuring your results through these apps, you’ll be able to focus your marketing efforts and make your posts more strategic by knowing exactly what is successful and what is not.

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6. Build Your Instagram Brand

It’s easy to build a cohesive and recognizable brand with Instagram. Choose a few filters and use them consistently in all of your photos. This will help you establish a style that will be instantly recognizable by your followers. For example, all of your pictures could have a white background and use the “Walden” filter. Over time, your followers will begin to recognize this style as yours and will identify your photos while they’re scrolling through their feed. If you’re willing and able to go the extra mile, use a DSLR camera to take your photos and professionally edit them with Adobe’s Photoshop. Your followers will love you for it!

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