An infographic is a visual representation of data, information, or knowledge. This form of communication is a great marketing tool that can convey complex data in a visually appealing and easily absorbable way. (Which is perfect for the shortened attention spans of today’s consumer!) Infographics have emerged as one of the most powerful content marketing tools as of late, and many business owners, publishers, marketers and content strategists are taking full advantage of their popularity. Take a look at our five reasons why you should incorporate infographics into your own marketing strategy below.


1. They Have Viral Capabilities.

Studies have shown that infographics are shared more than any other type of content on the web. Information graphics are more engaging than their written word counterparts, and more engagement leads to more social media sharing. People tend to share infographics because they enjoy passing on knowledge that makes them look like an expert in their own field. If your infographic is interesting, relevant, and unique, people will be more inclined to share it. Every time your infographic is shared, liked, posted, or retweeted, your brand identity will become more visible to a wider network of potential customers.


2. We’re Visual Creatures.

Humans are very visual by nature. We learn visually, we enjoy visually, and we consume visually. Half of the human brain is dedicated to visual functions, and 65% of us are visual learners. Thanks to today’s booming visual content trends, we can now present complex ideas in simple and attractive ways. Unlike pages and pages of written content, infographics can be easily scanned and viewed, which makes it easier for users to consume and digest the information that is being presented to them. People love facts and statistics, so the quicker they can find the information they need from your infographic, the more likely you are to generate a great response.


3. They’re Memorable.

Infographics are not only easier to process and understand, they’re also easier to remember. Researchers have found that people can remember 83% of what they see, and only 20% of what they read. This is because of the Picture Superiority Effect. In psychology, the Picture Superiority Effect refers to the notion that people are more likely to remember concepts when they are presented as images instead of words. This effect helps your readers to retain the information in your infographic for longer. Research also indicates that infographics that use more than six colors were more memorable than those with only a few colors or those in black and white.


4. Brands Get Recognized.

Placing your logo within your infographic will make your brand memorable to your audience and will help to promote your business. If you’re planning on designing your own infographic, try to include your company’s name, key colours, website address, contact information, and other brand standards. These brand identity elements will reinforce brand messaging and spread brand awareness. This subtle branding technique is a nicer way to tell your readers about your brand without shouting it at them. Consider creating an infographic that is based on information that your audience finds valuable. Your infographic will then help spread your brand’s name and drive traffic to your website.


5. They Position You As An Expert.

One of the best ways to gain the trust of your audience is to make them feel like you are an expert in your own field. By providing your customers with the eye-catching statistics and solid data behind your content, you can position yourself as an industry thought leader. When done well, an infographic can highlight your understanding of key industry knowledge, concepts, ideas, and trends. Becoming a regular source of valuable content in your niche will put you and your company on the map. Remember that there is no use in creating an infographic that is not valuable to your audience. Be specific and demonstrate your expertise as much as possible.

Want to see our words in action? Check out our infographics we created for UDI and Urban Analytics!

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